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Background & Expertise

Morgan Taylor is a marketing consultant and media producer with extensive experience helping clients position themselves as the go-to expert in their industry.

Through the years, her work has enhanced the influence of bankers, television hosts, musicians, politicians, motivational speakers, artists, educators and non-profits.

Early Career

Web Developer, Producer, Marketing Consultant

Beginning her career as a web developer and television producer, Morgan Taylor has credits on a variety of long-form media. She is best known for her work as associate producer and editor on the award-winning documentary film, “An Inconvenient Time – The Story of Ruth Ravina.”

As a marketing manager in the corporate world, Morgan serviced financial professionals in the Greater New York Area by equipping sales teams with best practices for standing out in a crowded industry. Coordinating various in-person events for the real estate investment community, Morgan’s actions directly resulted in thousands of leads and a new level of notoriety for her clients.

Morgan Taylor is also the VP of Marketing at The Power Entrepreneur, New York's premier entrepreneurial network. In the wake of the COVID-19 lockdown, Morgan and her team produced 50+ educational webinars and a global virtual conference to help the international business community flourish in the midst of uncertainty.

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Global Virtual Event

Combining her passion for technology and media production, Morgan Taylor specializes in helping helping business professionals establish themselves as the go-to expert in their industry and generate hot leads by leveraging the power of a virtual event.